Curvism: Journey of an Artist

Thoughts on Art, Nature, Politics and Spirituality

Tells the story of an unknown artist who is in love with nature and in conflict with the postmodern world. He seeks to gain art world recognition for his concept called Curvism. Along the way, the artist makes discoveries about art, nature, politics, and spirituality. Writing with humor and insight, he uses stories, journal entries, and essays to reveal the story of Curvism.This book could be the story of how the first major art movement of the 21st century came into existence. Or, it could be the story of an unknown artist who remained unknown and was completely forgotten, an artist who faded into the last remaining patch of wilderness before it too faded away and vanished.

Revisions of Genesis: Seven Modern Creation Stories

Revisions of Genesis contains seven variations of the original two creation stories found in the book of Genesis. Christians, Jews and Muslims all share the same creation story of God creating the world and the first humans Adam and Eve. This story is the foundation of Western culture and has shaped its worldview. Revisions of Genesis offers modern perspectives not found in the original stories. By changing the beginning, Revisions of Genesis hopes to change how we see ourselves, how we interact with each other and the world and ultimately, how we see God.