January 31, 2008


It's my birthday again. It's time again to reflect on my journey orbiting around the sun.


When I think about my life I automatically think about my art. My life over the past 35 years has been tied to an artistic identity. Ten years ago in January of 1998, Curvism had its major debut at Flanders Art Gallery in Minneapolis. In the 10 years since then I've grown older and more cynical about the modern art world. And yet, I still find myself holding onto my artistic identity. I continue to be deeply involved in the creative process of making art.


I do have other identities. I am a: husband, lover, father, son, friend, worker, mental health therapist, co-worker, tax payer, U.S. citizen, Wisconsinite, Green Bay Packer Fan, liberal green democrat, environmentalist, nature lover, dog owner, community member, occasional church goer,  argumentative philosophizer, computer user, T.V. watcher, nature hiker, mountain biker, van driver, music listener, meat eater, newspaper reader, spirituality seeker, animal being, Wal-Mart shopper, world traveler, cultural explorer, Coca-Cola drinker, snickers/skittles eater, organic gardener, buddhist meditator, mystic prayer, shamanistic ceremonialist, home owning mortgage payer, credit card debtor, mechanic, carpenter, lawn mower, health care consumer, post modernist cosmic dust collector.


All of these identities do give my life meaning. Yet without my artistic identity I would be lost, I wouldn't know who I am.